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Inspired Teams™ have Inspired performance and Inspired creativity. They adeptly navigate tensions to create a culture of Joy and Commitment where members bring the best out of teammates and together they make the seemingly impossible, possible.


Teams with highly Energized members Create Meaning and Build Connections. Team members generate Meaning by creating a compelling shared Purpose and through Acceptance of members as they are. They create roles that allow members to bring their full selves to the work and they support each other to develop in areas where they would like to grow. Connections among members are created through values that create Understanding of Team Members and demonstrate Caring whereby members respect, support, and validate each other.


Highly Innovative teams get through challenges and resolve problems by maintaining a drive to Explore and focusing on Being Resilient when challenged. Exploration is an important mindset in complex environments where there is a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity. This mindset consists of a desire to Experiment and maintain a sense of Curiosity, i.e., to try new things and learn from the results. The way that the team interprets events has an effect on its ability to innovate. Innovative teams remain Optimistic when challenged and have a healthy view of the importance of Failure.


Teams that execute well make progress by proactively focusing on Creating Value and Building Support, both internally and externally, that helps the team move forward. Teams Create Value by Proactively anticipating obstacles to progress as well as quickly removing blocks when they do arise. Value Creation is also accelerated by creating Catalysts that speed the development of new habits intended to create value quickly. Teams build support externally by focusing on relationships with Stakeholders and internally by individuals acting with Integrity; team members take promises seriously and take responsibility for the promises of the team.


Highly transparent teams Gain Perspective by understanding the External environment in which they operate and making information Visible. Being aware of the external  environment requires the team to be aware of its connection to the outside world, especially the customer and how the team adds value. Highly transparent teams see that threats to performance must be made visible. They surface assumptions, beliefs, and hidden commitments as well as make their work open and visible. Highly transparent teams are Genuine. Team members are Candid and do not withhold their perspectives and perceptions. The team, as a whole, Reflects on how it is operating and performing.