We have dedicated much of our professional lives to understanding the impact of human nature at work. Our mission is to use what we have learned to bring attention to a set of powerful, generative, yet less understood forces that are critical to accessing the full human potential and spirit at work with Agile Emotional Intelligence for Purpose Powered Profitability™.


Organizations Inspired By Our Passion

Our Inspired Impact


We don’t resolve problems, we dissolve them. Have you ever thought you resolved an issue only to have it reappear, perhaps in a different form? Our focus on human factors that drive behavior means we dissolve the problem by eliminating the root cause; problems don’t reappear and change sticks.

By planting the seeds for inspired, sustainable, and measurable growth, we enable your teams to:

Retain & Attract Top Talent

Create Breakthrough Innovation

Accelerate Value Creation

Grow Resilience with Agility

We humanize the workplace. Work is more joyful and fulfilling so people don’t leave. Workplace friction, work that does not add value, is eliminated so work is less stressful, less frustrating, and workers are more productive. We instill possibility mindset, so teams are more innovative and determined to fulfill the team’s purpose.

We help you achieve Purpose Powered Profitability™ with Agile Emotional Intelligence.

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What we do?

Agile EI

We help your teams pursue a shared purpose with a common vision, agile strategy and excellence-driven lean tactical execution.
Our proven recommendations are based on solid scientific evidence that guides you on your journey to develop Agile EI teams.
Based on four decades of research and a globally renowned team emotional intelligence framework, we bring you the latest and greatest cutting-edge methods to energize your team at all levels.

Our Services


Our assessment framework provides a baseline and progress tracking of a team’s inspiration and motivation.


We provide coaching to support our consulting work, which helps in attaing the best possible outcome.


We provide a range of consulting services to help organizations thrive in the Digital Age.


We provide a range of custom and pre-designed workshops to support and execute our consulting efforts.

4E Engagement Model


Prepare the ground and plant the seeds of inspiration for change. Baselining Assessments, Customized Training Programs


Give Inspired Teams™ the right environment to flourish. Piloting with Coaching


Nurture and strengthen for the inspired change to take root. Expanding with Consulting


Prune and take constant care for spreading the seeds for sustainable growth. Progress Assessments, Customized Training Programs

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What is Agile EI Teams Framework?

Agile EI Teams have performance and creativity. They adeptly navigate tensions to create a culture of Joy and Commitment where members bring the best out of teammates and together they make the seemingly impossible, possible.
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Michael Kliger



We hired Naveed to support a fundamental transformation of all creative content production processes and to make all stakeholders aware, comfortable and knowledgable about the lean, agile and continuous improvement concepts involved.
His deep expertise, his ability to adapt to very different settings and unique skills in listening and teaching made our efforts highly successful and will bring about lasting change.

Carl Bruiners

Head of Agile at GE


It has been a pleasure working with Naveed at GE. He is a real asset to the business, his knowledge, experience and skill in Agile and Lean is unrivalled. Naveed has helped improve not only the team he works with on a day to day basis, but has assisted with improving the overall Agile model at GE Cambridge. Naveed has excelled at doing the handle turning as well as coaching his team with a steady cadence of improvement. Naveed handles everything with grace, no situation is too complex or stressful and his handling of any situation is second to none.

Luke Griffiths

Vice President & General Manager- Klarna


Naveed was a catalyst and supporter in the organisational transformation process we undertook within our marketing solutions business at eBay Enterprise in Europe. He acted as a mentor to me and my leadership team as we introduced Lean to our working practices, he provided deep expertise, functional knowledge and a real passion and desire to help the team be successful.
I personally thoroughly enjoyed working with Naveed, in particular his ability to interrupt business needs and adapt his approach to process and methodology to ensure its relevance and has impact. I would highly recommend Naveed and look forward to working with him and some point in the future.

Suresh Nair

Director of Engineering, Rockwell


Steve's work helped develop my team into a much more cohesive team with strong teamwork. He has helped remove boundaries and enhance the collaboration between functions. His guidance has helped enhance the mindset of the team to bring out the best in them.
Steve is a pleasure to work with and his style is highly conducive to bringing out open and honest conversations. Thank you Steve for helping us become a vastly more productive team.

Matthew Mangino

Consulting Director, Johnson & Johnson


I brought Steve into work with our Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology new product development teams at Johnson & Johnson… The effort was so successful that it was cited by J&J as an internal best practice. Further, an article describing the work that we did with Steve's help was published in a special edition of the OD Journal entitled, "Best Global Practices in Internal Organizational Development.
Steve's a top-notch researcher, a great consultant, and one of the nicest people I know.

Mike Sutton

Founder at Amazemeet


Naveed is one of the most forthright and conscientious coaches I know and I know an awful lot of coaches. We worked closely together (mostly as pair coaches) as expert advisers to the Methodology group at the DWP UCP programme and Naveed's patience and determination to help people learn is incredible. He approaches everyone with the utmost respect and without pre-judgement and works openly and honestly with clients. I measure my respect and professional recognition of colleagues very simply. Would I work with this person again? For Naveed, the answer is a resounding absolutely and I plan to. If you want a coach who will diligently work with you and your organisation to discover and implement real value-driven change, then you need Naveed.

Collin Lyons

Delivery Director at ustwo London


I had the pleasure of working with Naveed as he coached a very large team up the Agile maturity curve. He is driven, self-motivated and knows his material. But two stand-out character traits that Naveed has are: empathy and creative problem-solving. And as a coach, these are gold dust.Naveed repeatedly demonstrated the ability to understand the challenges facing the team and develop creative solutions to bring them up the curve. I enthusiastically recommend Naveed.

Laurie Davis

Organization Development Consultant


Organizations – and the rest of the world – today need to look at The Inspired Teams™ Framework.
It is based on a simple premise that saves time, increases organization and personal performance, inspires action, cultivates collaboration and increases satisfaction. I know it works because I used it to create transformation in the culture of the largest hospital in the state.